bicycle rentals...

that guy from Bike Arlington was working on a project called Metro Bike

it is the bicycle version of the Zip Car

I have yet to see any action on this
but... I am seeing this notion develop around the world
business week has an article on the growth of this bicycle program being implemented around the globe

bike sharing blog
Metro Bike

it would make sense
meeting across town
forget the cab... swipe a credit card and get on a bicycle
finally you got your parking space... dinner is on one side of town the movie is on the other
leave the car parked
swipe your credit card and pedal instead

it is a wonderful concept...
although it will discrimate against those without credit cards

I think that there needs to be a YOU WANT A BIKE-YOU GOT A BIKE program
if working bicycles were made available to people who could not readily afford them
well... lives could be changed
once the bicycle becomes part of a person's life
the perspective of urban travel changes

bicycles are not toys

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dc2wheel said...

A bike sharing program is coming to DC soon - sponsored by the Clear Channel Communication conglomerate. It's supposed to be based out of somewhere near Union Station if I remember correctly & last I heard a former WABA staffer was going to run the show.
It's all part of a deal with the DC gov't for bus shelter advertising.