DCCX is so last week...

DCCX is so last week
yesterday was fairhill
today was tacchino
DCCX was last sunday

my brother had not seen these images that my friend snoopy had taken with my camera last sunday at the DCCX event
I cropped them and did my gwadzilla thing
threw them up here rather than burning him a cd or putting them on a flash drive

I was involved in this race
but I also witnessed the race
I witnessed the race from what I could hear over the loud speaker
Sean Bega of Hub Racing was the MC of the event
Sean gave an exciting play by play of what was happening up at the front

this fall at the barriers happened in one of the later laps
to fully understand why marc fell from first overall to third overall would be best explained by the three people at the front of the pack
I was too busy hanging on and trying to finish to catch the full story

it was a good race
but that race was last week
time to look forward
time to glance at the Mid-Atlantic Cyclocros Calendar
there has to be an event between now and December for the Capital Cross Challenge in Reston

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Marc said...

I was daydreaming...

I think I decided to ride further up the hill for some reason- it was just sloppy.

I had a pretty good race, but I feel like a squandered opportunity to race for the win- not so much from the crash- but from inattention to the lap count.

doing all the race setup, my race was almost an afterthought, and I think it resulted in me not being fully focused.