guess work with the camera

took the camera with me to shaffer farms
did not ride with it

but when we got back from a solid loop I asked if anyone would mind dipping back into the woods for some photos

I could have used the flash
but I preferred the chance shots with the steady camera
sure enough
just as expected
a whole mess of blurry photos

but still
I will take the blurry shot over the washed out shots with the flash
guess I could run the levels on the flash shots
but I still like the light from the headlamps showing the darkness

it was good riding and good people
good riding and chatting with jake
good seeing rickyd and so many other familiar faces
had not seen jason in a few years

rickyd was a green M&M

how can you tell the men M&Ms from the women M&Ms?

the ones with the nuts are the man M&Ms.


Rob said...

>the ones with the nuts are the man >M&Ms.

Buwhahahahah! That was frickin hillarious!

I think you were the guy I accidentally unplugged while putting your battery in the jersey??? If so sorry about that man.


gwadzilla said...

your kung fu good
my kung fu better

it was not an issue

some things happen for a reason

had I not tried to chase those guys down with no luck
then returned to the parking lot
then I would not have had the one on one time with Jake
it was good to ride with him
we are on the same team
I see him at the races
but that was the first time I rode with him

that kid has some skills!

no worries on the light
you are human