Klunkerz... a collection of characters with various ambitions

yep... I got a copy of Klunkerz
so last night I sat down with cargo mike and a couple of beers and put in the film
the selection of beer was random
but in hindsight Anchor Steam Bock may have the right beer of choice
as Anchor Steam is from the bay area
the bay area is the setting for this film about the birth of the mountain bike

the film is fantastic
there is so much information presented
more than just focusing on the core group of riders
but trying to incorporate mention of all the cross interaction of other people doing similar stuff on their bikes
and the influence that this cross interaction had on the development of what we know as the mountain bike

the footage is mind boggling
the hammering on the skinny tire bikes
a young gary fisher riding cross on terrain that is way beyond any cyclocross race promoter would consider putting in a cross race of the modern age
the stills and the super 8
the interviews
the stories and the perspective of those that lived it
this film had to be made
I am so pleased that Bill Savage took on the task

Bill Savage (the director) told this amazing story with the fluidity of a seasoned film maker
that this is his first documentary project is shocking as the feature is nothing short of pro
the edits are seamless
the flow is fantastic

so much information is covered but it is presented in an exciting and entertaining way
that these moments in time were documented made this mountain bike scrapbook much more interesting

Charlie Kelly's Website was clearly a great place for Bill Savage to start his documentary film story boards

get a copy of KLUNKERZ today and learn the history that inspired mountain biking to become the sport it is today


klunkerbill said...

I'm really glad you liked it. I know it's only part of the story, but maybe it will inspire others to make similar films so we can keep this rich history alive. Thanks for all the support.
Ride on,
- __o
(_)/ (_)

gwadzilla said...


thanks for making this film

-a mountain biker

GetOOTO said...

I always look to you Joel for good vid selections, got 24solo at your suggestion on this blog, so will be picking up klunkerz soon. There is a DVD out there that I purchased recently which is a good time as well, called ROAM.

Keep up the blogging.


gwadzilla said...

ROAM is fantastic!
the folks at THE COLLECTIVE really raised the bar with that one

glad that I could turn you onto some good stuff

keep blogging
and more importantly
I need to keep riding!