pump course

pump course!
pump course?

this weekend there is a trail day at Fort Dupont here in the District

these trails need to be developed

I think that part of the the answer is a pump course!

phase three at wakefield is awesome
make this happen at fort dupont
develop the trails
cut some fresh trail
add a pump course

pump course
pump course fort dupont

wtb had something about a pump course
wtb: wilderness trail bikes
wtb is on the klunkerz tangent
wtb is from the klunker era

this pump course design is from LEE LIKES BIKES!
snagged from a gwadzilla archive from 2005

I like the wilderness trail bikes product
their tires and their seats are on nearly all of my bikes

Fort Dupont NPS page

MORE: Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts information of the Fort Dupont trail day

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