that bread and puppet bus around the corner

that bread and puppet bus around the corner

saw some people on stilts on halloween
saw the bus
did not see much else

did not make the journey up the road to see the performance
had my doubts that it was kid friendly
also had other stuff going on
but we were stoked to check out the bus

a few years ago lisa and I went to the bread and puppet festival in glover vermont
it was a blast
we camped our way up there
we brought mountain bikes
we road the trails in vermont
swimming in mountain lakes and rivers
one year at bread and puppet there was a little mountain bike race
it was cool
I got second
then the guy who got first invited me to see his "side show" performance
which was a part of bread and puppet I am not sure I would have seen had I not been directed that way

the gathering is no more
but vermont is still there
we have been a few times since
vermont is a great part of this country

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the original big ring said...

Vermont is great. Next time I go riding there I'm looking for a puppet show.