lust for life

lust for life

I have chosen life
I have chosen a job over not having a job
a career chose me, while I wish I had chosen my career
my television is pretty fricking big... yet not as big as the others I have seen
I can not find my remote
and I only slightly crave a larger television
we have front loading washing machine and dryer with the energy seal
we have two cars with moderate gas mileage ratings
there are multiple cd players in the house
but the can opener is manual

health is in the background of my thoughts
unsure of my colesterol and I most definitely need to go to the dentist
there is insurance to cover us when we need it

the mortgage gets evaluated every few years
we already sold the starter home and are onto something bigger

friends and clothing have been acquired over the years
occasionally something new or someone new enters the rotation
but for the most part... there are no dramatic changes
my style of clothing and my style of friends has been consistent over the years

no three piece suit... but I do own my tuxedo

DIY... certainly
but not as much as I should

although I do not watch game shows mind numbing or not
I do stuff my face with junk food... shamelessly so

and as far as my rats go...
well... I like them
although I am not ready to be replaced just yet

this posting did not go the direction I wanted it to go
there was supposed to be some tie into last night
as last night I was supposed to meet a friend for a drink
but the snow on the ground and the late in the day exhaustion allowed me to give into the voices in my head
I did not feel like getting on the bike
worse yet... i did not feel like getting in gear and breaking a sweat

so I bailed
there was fresh made french onion soup and a left over piece of frozen pizza
I was tired from my day at work

I was exhausted from my post work hangings with my boys
I had yet to get that second wind

sure enough
before my boys were asleep I was getting a breath of life
considered making the call to try and get the meeting across town back up and going
but went and walked the dog in the woods instead
did not go for a full moon epic
just did a short loop in the woods across the street
laid some fresh tracks in the fresh snow
took my route over a path that the boys use for sledding
removed some fallen logs to clear the path

it was a good quiet walk with the dog in the woods
there were various animal tracks in the snow
brutus chased the scent of something but found nothing
it was good to see brutus enjoying the snow so much
his pleasure gives me pleasure

this morning my six year old son got up early and put on his snow gear just has he had done yesterday morning
before I had even stirred my sugar in my coffee he was out back doing something with the snow
I tried to accelerate my getting dressed as it seemed to make sense to try and do some sledding before this snow melts

so I sipped my coffee as i slipped into some snow pants
leashed the dog and grabbed two sleds
dean and I went for a handful of runs on the sled across the street
it was a short session but better than no session at all
the session was cut short... kids need to get to school on time while parents need to get to work on time
there was still the task of digging out and scraping lisa's car

not everything is a photo opportunity
but i wished i had my camera
dean was having a blast sledding down that path in the woods
I had pulled the sleds from the garage
but had forgotten the helmets

although I never saw the dog poop I assumed that he did
we marched back to the house
I sent dean inside to get out of his wet gear as I got lisa's car ready for driving

it was a good start to the day
my ride was uneventful
everyone was rushing because everyone knew that they were running late
I tried flipping a few people off as i dodged their bumpers and their grills
but the lobster claw gave them a crooked peace sign

got to work safe
now I need more coffee

children have a natural LUST FOR LIFE
they can be stubborn and wish to do nothing or they can wish to do it all
I love when they wish to do it all

that photo of the dogs is old
the black dog lives
while the gray dog has died


Icon O. Classt said...

"children have a natural LUST FOR LIFE"

Indeed. "Adulthood" is the cure for that. No, I mean disease.

Kids need to be kids for as long as possible...

As for the drink, some other time.

gwadzilla said...

yes... another time
a time sooner rather than later

maybe a night ride
maybe a night adventure

Rocky6 said...

A great take on taking advantage of what the day offers.

Night ride, snow ride.