max fixing my fixie

max fixed my fixie

my fixie is an ancient colnago frame, maybe 1972
a road frame with some acceptable drop outs for a beater fixie

last year I broke that frame
rather than throw the frame into a scrap heap I dropped it off at max's
max has been working on the skills of the craft of frame building
which of course involves welding
this frame needed some welding

max did an ace job
fine attention to detail
this guy is on his way to being a master craftsmen

at max's place I was more focused on a quick hello and a few photographs than the work that was done
before I threw the frame into my garage I looked at things in the light
there was more than just a quick tag to get things back on the road
Max cleaned the whole area
then repaired it with than just the a tag connecting the joint
the repair is clean and looks solid!

I left max's with grand ambition to build up this bike
but that did not happen
maybe tonight
maybe this weekend
last night was an adventure with the kids
it is often not an option to be productive after bedtime for the boys

if nothing else
I best hit that area with some spray paint before it starts to rust

thanks max!


Icon O. Classt said...

Get that thing together for tomorrow evening, my friend.

gwadzilla said...

and yes...

pink is passe!