crisp... crisp and clear
today was crisp and clear
a few degrees below cool
but not entirely cold

the germs are playing musical bodies
right now lisa is the one on the ropes
so getting the boys out of the house seemed right
the weather seemed perfect

the weather was perfect
so I prepped the bike with the trailer
loaded up the boys, some snacks, and the camera and headed to the hill
no lock
no agenda
just the afternoon son and the patience of the boys

it is interesting
the boys can be quiet in the back of the trailer
that is when they are not fighting!
when they are quiet I wonder what they see and what they think

we rolled through mount pleasant towards 16th street taking a detour through Malcolm X Park
it was quiet in the park
I guess the drum circles are only on sundays
we did a loop through
not sure what entertains the boy I focused on entertaining myself

we worked our was around downtown trying to put the bike and the bodies where I felt they were safe
at some points that was the sidewalk while at others the safe place is on the street
we looped through the center of dupont circle
but I did not stop so that the boys could get out of the burley trailer
I just rolled through
again looping points of interest

rather than stopping and waiting at red lights I just kept rolling
either I rolled in circles in the basic area
maybe on the sidewalk
or I would just head somewhere else
with no real destination it was find to follow the breeze

we made stops at the white house and the ellipse
in the name of Evel Knievel the boys rode helmetlesss
the boys rode standing up in the trailer
the boys rode standing on the bar near the tires... on the outside of the trailer

we were riding on the sidewalk at a slow rate of speed around tourists
the boys were having a ball
it was far from the standard NO HELMET NO BIKE fascism that goes on with me
but they are growing boys and do not fit so well side by side in the burley any more

there were photo ops and I begged for the boys to behave
there were many potential photo ops of the boys making faces or holding super hero stances
I do not want photos of funny faces or superhero stances
in between the fun they tried my patience

we took juice and snack breaks at the lincoln memorial and at the capital
the loop around the carousel was a bad idea
there were demands for a ride
and that was not part of my plan
the carousel idea was stored for another day

we ended up having a late lunch at a mexican restaurant between union station and lincoln park
the boys got the tacos that they wanted
and I did not complain about my beef fajita
pretty fancy lunch for a saturday afternoon

there was a mix of riding the rails, standing in the trailer, and walking
the boys got to run on city blocks and urban parks
we covered some ground
they behaved really well
except when they were not behaving

on the way back we stopped at a friends
the friend's mom offered to let the boys stay
I accepted
the trailer suffered some damage
not sure if in was due to the weight of my rapidly growing boys
or riding on the outside
but one of the wheels bent in
I was suffering some serious drag
it took me forever to realize
and well
it bent back easily enough
but then again it drifted back easily enough
again... trying my patience
my legs were sore and tired
the weight of the boys without the added friction was intense

great day with the kids

it did not end there

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