the process with the camera

the process with the camera

the whole photo thing has become a process
part of the process is being comfortable sticking a camera in a person's face

not everyone wants a camera in their face
not everyone wants their picture taken

the photo process can often involve conflict
no two encounters are identical
each meeting goes its own way
dc is the home of many individuals

I have often doubted that the women on the CGOB page would all have the same response to their photo being taken and then their photo being posted on the Internet
we are not computers
responses are more than binary code


this gentleman responded with some offense to my taking his picture as he rolled past
he zipped back to let me know how he felt

but after some words and seeing that I was "okay" with a person he respects
well... he loosened up a a bit
he came on strong but lightened up
riding through traffic can effect testosterone levels

the process does not happen with conflict
I hate conflict
it is not my objective to offend or anger people with my camera
I try to be respectful of those that do not wish to be photographed
there are plenty of other people worth taking pictures of

I wonder if this guy will see this shot
I always wonder if people see the pictures that I take of them
I would like to think that he would approve of the results and my efforts

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