actor dead

actor keith ledger dead

to us it is just another dead actor
another celebrity who could not hold their shit
a topic for jokes around the water cooler

but to others this is a tragedy
a mother and father have lost their son
a young child has lost their father
and certainly some people have lost a friend

those things sadden me


Tim said...

Not necessarily to make jokes but let's not cry a river for the guy. Sad? Sure, but only for those left behind.

gwadzilla said...

I agree

a friend at work was talking about his "star power"
the notion that this kid was going to be the next brad pitt

I argued that the sadness was the loss to his family and his friends
that a two year old girl had lost her father
this person disagreed
they felt that there was a loss in what he could have done as an actor


this was not the death of Martin Luther King or Bobby Kennedy

GhostRider said...

I agree! Another actor, but no reason for strangers to get all weepy...

By the way, it's "Heath", not "Keith".

gwadzilla said...

heath not keith

I can be a piss poor copy editor at times