the damned

the damned
I really dug that album MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE
the damned on youtube
it is a fantastic album
I have heard others talk about Strawberrys
but I did not take things much further than MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE

in the same way that the UK SUBS did not go any further than DIMINISHED RESPONSIBILITY for me
although I do have it on color vinyl


GhostRider said...

Machine Gun Etiquette still holds up to this day as an amazing album...one of my favorites from that era. Why, I just listened to it riding to work the other day!

"These are the hands of a demented circus clown...outside I'm laughing but inside I'm really wearing a frown. I see you laughing... but baby in my dreams,
it's quite a different scene

The other day you mentioned Orpheus Records...God, if I still had all the vinyl I bought from there in high school, I could retire a rich man. That really brought back the memories.

Marc said...

jason and I saw the Damned with minor threat at the Ontario theater. dad wouldn't let us take the car there so we hitch-hiked there and walked home much of the way after midnight (I think we caught a bus that terminated at friendship heights)- great show!!