end of a long weekend... just up from a nap

end of a long weekend...

just up from a nap
just up from a nap, some dinner, and a shower
a much needed shower

the boys are in the tub which frees me up to blog
in between the maniacal cackling and the excessive splashing I will type
I know it is a risk... it is always a risk...
splashing is a casualty of young children and water

had considering using the last moments of winter sun to run with the dog
had been wanting to breathe in the winter freeze in the woods
ended up taking a nap instead
partly due to a change of plans

some kids were over playing with large oak blocks in the form of castles
castles filled with knights, dragons, sharks, and whatever force they chose
after a very pleasant group clean up the boys migrated down the block for a viewing of some kid's dvd that they have all seen 100 times

grant was the first kid out the door
dean stayed behind
after some effort of persuasion on the part of a friend
dean explained why he wanted to stay back

I understood
I was tired from ice skating
I was tired of all the kids debating or this and fighting over that
my window of opportunity for an afternoon run shut down in front of me
it is like I caught the machine
I get credit for wanting to run
without having to back down from a run with excuse of excessive soreness from two days of ice skating

I approved of his choice, but asked that he keep me company as I watched a movie
my selection was modified
High Roller: The Stu Unger story got bumped in the queue
Inspector Gadget starring Mathew Broderick
Dean's hand held Nintendo game was turned off and by his side before the end of the starting credits
it was not much longer then I was asleep

a few times dean woke me up to share in something that I missed
having only seen bits and pieces the cartoon version of Inspector Gadget twenty-five years ago I had no idea what he was talking about on the screen

it was a three day weekend
today is Martin Luther King Day... a Federal Holiday!

this weekend included multi-ple hikes with the dogs, two trips to go ice skating at the rink at Fort Dupont, and multiple play dates

this ontop of a birthday dinner with my mom and a gathering of the team members of DCMTB
it was a long weekend
no real time on the bike other than across town on Saturday afternoon
no real exercise other than the walking of the dog and ice skating

ice skating with the kids have left me feeling like I have been hit by a truck
my back is sore and tight from multiple laps around an official NHL hocky rink with a four year old balancing between my knees being supported by my hands in his armpits
the only pleasure I get is his pleasure
now I need to grab some Ibruprophen

I listened to the famous Martin Luther King speech a few times earlier today
then when we drove past the Lincoln Memorial on our way to and from the ice skating rink I refected on those words
well... not so much the words but that emotion

Martin Luther King on youtube

I will play this for my kids later
will also look for an electronic remix of some of the words from that famous speech

watched some of the Martin Luther King speech with the boys
then tangents traveled
we found ourselves going to Apple Trailers then random topics on YOUTUBE
the boys were each trying to piece together the words to a Talking Heads song
which then landed us on Genius of Love

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