the gods must be crazy

the gods must be crazy...

friday night after dinner
after another root beer float
after some wrestling
after some books
after some more wrestling
I sat down in front of the television with the boys
unsure what to watch I scanned the channels

the boys were in agreement that we would watch some Animal Planet
as I surfed the selections
landed on a nature show in HD
the male lion was on the prowl

it was interesting to learn that the lion may have to go on as many as four hunts before capturing its prey

the boys settled in on some nature action
a few minutes into it grant informs me that we are not watching Animal Planet
he is not asking me to change it
he is just telling me that it is not Animal Planet
I ask how he knows it is not Animal Planet
without breaking stare with the television he shrugs his shoulder

I know how he knows even if he does not know
Animal Planet has the Animal Planet logo on the screen

we watch a little more than I ask if they want to watch the show we landed on or if they wanted a movie
dean wanted a movie grant wanted to stay where we were at
I promise we would not settle on anything without grant's approval
grant reminded me that the animal shows are good for his brain
so I looked for a movie that would please both boys
dean looking of action grant looking for animals

scrolling through the movie list on the dvr was not promising for our young children needs
then I saw the title of a random film I had not seen in years
the gods must be crazy

it was risky
I remember loving this film
but I also remember it moving in a slow mock documentary fashion
to my pleasure... they loved it

lisa had never seen the film before either
she loved it as well

it was a fun family gathering
sure I was blogging as we watched the movie
but I had seen the film before

the gods must be crazy

the gods must be crazy on youtube


the original big ring said...

that's an awesome movie - my wife use to show it in an anthropology class that she use to teach.

gwadzilla said...

I watched it for a SoAn class as well

good tool for education
fun and informative

ryand said...

one of my favorite movies of all time.

the sequel is funny, but not as good.