I have that bike...

I have that bike...

bike radar review of the Specialized Tri Cross Comp

I have that bike it is in the basement

it is not currently operational

at the charm city event early last fall
at the unofficial season opener I bought some Froglegs brakes from Rob of NCVC

later that week..
or maybe a few weeks later I pulled the old brakes off the back of the Specialized
put the froglegs on the back... adjusted them then went to remove the stock brakes off the front
in the process one of the brake boss barrels pulled out of the fork
he post is stuck in the brake

others have tried to pull the post from the caliper

no luck by others either

with the jamis nova rebuilt after a broken frame warranty I was not so worried about having two working cross bikes believe it or not I have not gotten around to dropping it off at the shop need to send back a Thudbuster seat post as well maybe I should make a list of some parts I need to revive some of the bikes in the herd and make a trip down to city bikes the surly karate monkey is in desperate need of some freshening up

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