it is later than I realized

it is later than I realize...

the boys are downstairs finishing off some root beer floats
no special occasion
well... other than the fact that root beer floats are pretty special and this is the first occasion for them to sample this grand combination

ice cream is not an everyday thing for them
they almost never have soda
so... this is a serious double whammy
two treats that create a magical combination

today I got out of work a few minutes early
there was the time and the desire to ride
but... I did not have the gear
this morning I left out with some gear to cover me for a day that is closer to chilly than warm
a day that is more dry than wet
I also rode a bike without lights

as I stepped out of work I realized it was raining
I started in on a ride
then realized I would be soaked and cold in the time it takes me to get home
it would be foolish to try and extend the ride
so I rode straight home without rain gear and without lights

I got home figuring I could take the dog for a longer than usual hike
the boys were home from being picked up by the babysitter from school
when I offered dean the chance to walk the dog with me it was more of a token gesture than an actual proposal
dean snatched up the opportunity and requested that it just be the two of us
not what I expected... but I will take it
that was fine with me
I was not sure how grant would feel about it
but I was confident that the babysitter would have proffered that I took both boys so that she could leave early

grant was fine with staying
so dean and I walked a short distance at a slow pace
the rain was more than a spit but not quite steady
we each wore jackets and hats to try and stay dry

as we hiked dean asked about the dinner plans
it was then that I was reminded that I had told lisa that I would try to go to the grocery store for the ingredients for root beer floats
it was then that we plotted an extension to our adventure by getting in the car and going to the grocery store

I admit... I do not do that much shopping
apparently each trip to the grocery store is a little too close to Jack and the Beanstalk for my wife to deal with

sure enough we returned from the hike and lisa was home and the babysitter was gone
we grabbed the keys and made a short list
root beer, ice cream, organic milk, and dinner

dinner was to be decided on the fly

we made the short drive to the Giant in Columbia Heights
the indoor parking garage kept us dry and we were traveling without the coats that had nearly been soaked on our short hike
my Jack and the Beanstalk experience was illustrated by the same guy who draws Billy and the Family Circus cartoon

we traveled several inefficient loops as we got what we wanted and then realized what we were going to cook for dinner
steak subs....
dad is cooking!

we got home and I took over the kitchen
cooked up a bachelor special with a little parental flare

everyone enjoyed the meal which adds another option in dad's limited repertoire

here it is the present time
I am about to sit down with dean and blog while he does his homework

I can answer his questions and guide his behavior
he just like me can use a little help in keeping focus in the needed direction

homework is done the boys took quick baths now they are in their pajamas here is where the real wrestling match begins

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