malcolm x park

malcolm x park

tic tac toe three days in a row

today I dashed down through Malcolm X Park

at a red light just before the park I tucked my camera in my bag
then once stopped at a light outside of the park I pulled the camera from my bag

today I was significantly less noisy going down the stairs
as I was on the single
no chain slapping around wildly

yesterday there were a few Park Police officers surveying the area as I bounced down the stairs
I passed and gave a hearty hello-good morning-how ya doing?
they greeted back
neither officer reached for their two way, their weapon, or their ticket writing pen or pencil

that is chris waiting for things to clear up so he can enter Logan Circle
we must have just missed each other in Malcom X
as that is his preferred route


check it out
thank me later


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gwadzilla said...

this morning I rode through Malcolm X Park with Chris' wife Libbey