the shots I shoot for... the shots I miss

the shots I shoot for... and the shots I miss
the shots I miss are always the best shots

this morning I rolled into work with the camera dangling around my neck
it is an awkward process
the camera swings such that it is just inches from the lens cap-less camera striking the stem
and of course
the awkward approach of the stranger with a camera
all the while on a bicycle

as I slammed down the stairs of Malcom X Park the camera is over the shoulder instead of around my neck
at this point my concern is more on my ability to brake or turn at the base of these stairs after attacking the stairs at speed than capturing the shot

once out of the park the camera returns to around the neck in front of my chest rather than over the shoulder under my arm pit

on my short ride into work I see a site I do not normally get to capture
this man riding this woman on the rack of his bike
she may be above the maximum capacity for that seat post mountain rack

I greet them as I approach... I get nothing

I snap a few shots... then I make another attempt to make contact... still nothing
so I move from a hello in my native tongue to a rough hello in what I assume to be their native tongue

hola... buenos dias!
a mi me gusta!
es mas bueno!

I get a smile from the woman and a hello from the man

I snap a few shots
not exactly the epic photos I had wished for
that is the drawback of shooting on the fly
less poise... less prep... less likely to get the epic shot

still nice documentation of the cycling culture of Washington DC
I part with a friendly hasta luego
knowing that they are curious about what just unfolded around them

in the series
I think there was a better image than the second image
but this is what you get
as it is not entirely worth digging up the slightly better straight on shot


Butch said...

¡Que guay!

gwadzilla said...

puede ser un poco peligroso

(my spanish spelling is as poor as my english spelling... but worse... since I do not speak spanish and i lack spanish spell check!)