that front stoop

that front stoop is the doorway to a running store
like a bike store for runners
or something like that
what do I know... I have not been through that doorway in over twenty years

that was Poseur's
Poseur's was a night club for new wave and punk types
there was no live music
just music, videos, a bar, and people
in my early legal drinking years I would go there on monday nights
dollar beer... I think it was dollar grizzley night

the name Poseur's seemed too stigmatizing

which I always thought was like trying to sell a car call Nova in Spanish speaking countries
yet they bought it... even with the name

next door are a few bicycle shops
there is an interesting history about the occupation of those stores
the moving of stores
and so much what happens in business

the bicycle pro shop and revolutions
some very good city shops

the bicycle pro shop

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