this guy is an asshole

Warren John Wilson is an asshole

the story in the news confirms this

I have been the victim of similar such traps

people have put logs on the bike path

while others have laid strips of nails on wooded trails

it boggles my mind that someone would be such an asshole to set traps that could put others lives at risk
it is tough to even joke about setting some traps around Warren John Wilson's house
it is not like a few bear traps
would balance the scales of justice
even after the first trap snapped around his ankles I woubt he would have any sort of an epiphany that such efforts are wrong and beyond inappropriate

maybe an eye for an eye is not how we handle such things

maybe someone should call his mother
as he clearly does not know how to behave
someone needs to know that it was wrong what he did even before he got caught
it is not getting caught that should open his eyes
he should just know that such actions are wrong


Icon O. Classt said...

In addition to a fine, jail time, and a good ass-kicking, this guy's driving "privliges" should be taken away indefinately so that he would be forced to consider a bicycle as an appropriate means of transportation.

gwadzilla said...

that would be an interesting penalty...

instead of trying to get the message across by having that guy walk a mile in another man's shoes
he would be forced to ride a another man's bicycle