what do you do?

what do you do?
not that classic DC question that backs strangers from out of town into the corner but
what do you do to make the world a better place?

what do you do?

no need to answer to me

answer to yourself

ask yourself...

what should I do?

we should all be more respectful to others
we should all be more respectful of the world around us
we should all do what we ask of others

respect for others...
basic stuff... give people the benefit of the doubt
give people the basic respect

help that old lady cross the street?
how about just giving people the space they deserve
sure... help that old lady if she needs help... but better yet
try not to buzz her on the bike
definitely do not buzz her in the car
give people their right of way
give people their space
give people their right to a placid time

litter is unacceptable... even at the slightest level
smokers... after you suck your butts... pack it up and pack it in
toss your butts in the can
don't try to play it cool by kicking it to the curb
it is not cool

the same goes for gum chewers... I am guilty of this
I am trying to curb my behavior

this is a given... we should all recycle
it goes beyond our bottles and cans
we need to recycle our batteries and our hangers from the dry cleaners
the cynic in me doubts that DC has a legit recycling project
but I hope I am wrong about this

it goes on
it should go way beyond this

we know right from wrong
choose right

as the bumper sticker reads
be the change that you want in this world

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