at The Society last night

last night I rolled down to the society... the national geographic society with nearly seven year old son dean for the banff film festival

banff at ngs

we bought tickets for the full week

this is the first night we were able to go
lisa and grant went to a
pta style function rather than try to hang for the final three nights of adventure films

the films were amazing as to be expected
not the adrenalin films of radical reels

but some sick documentary style films
dean was well entertained and well behaved

several of the films went a tad long and a tad slow for the mind of a small child who is into Power Rangers and Star Wars

but dean was good about things
even with the strange languages and the inability to read subtitles

things ended on a high note with a great Ryan Leech piece from Kranked 6

ryan leech with music by local heros thunderball

totally random
I ended up sitting along side of a few fast women from the dc cycling culture
sonja and christina

velo chicken=Christina

that is the velo chicken trying to save some airfare by climbing in her bag
I stole that image from her blog

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