hains point after work

got out of work a few minutes early
as there was some time before the sun set I figured I would go for a post work ride

an email from chris mcgill had me thinking of hains point
then when I met fellow DCMTB team mate Ilana to hand off some tickets for the Banff Film Festival at National Geo
the decision was made... Hains Point

Ilana saw me suited up leaving work on the bike
the thought of riding was too much for her to bare
I waited ten minutes while she jumped out of business casual into some cycling gear
out the door she was amped

we rode down to Hains Point together
then we somehow got split up
Ilana tried chasing down her friend Liam... but that was not Liam
then she turned around to talk with her Orthapedic Surgeon who was working out on his roller blades
then when I saw her before our departure she was chatting with her friend Diane
guess Ilana did not so much want to ride... but she just needed to get out of work

as for me...
I did three fast spinning laps after our one lap warm up together

it felt good to break a sweat
the ride/workout may have been a short duration
but the intensity was high
my speed was low
while the spinning was fast

it was a beautiful afternoon
a fantastic day to be on the bike
the water of the Potomac was like glass
the wind was not a factor on this day
if I were a water skier I would have been on the water rather than the bike
too bad for me I do not know how to water ski

there were all sorts of cyclists working on this or that
the statue of The Awakening was hardly visible due to the volume of tourists
the weather was good and the golfers were taking full advantage
Ilana and I left just as darkness was starting to settle in
we worked the city streets back towards downtown
Ilana went back to work
while I went home to my family

rides at hains point occur daily at lunch time
maybe I will head up there to check out the scene
it is definitely a scene

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MB said...

A most excellent job of capturing Hains Point.

MB@blacknell.net (I resent the forced Blogger authentication! :)).