hains point today... too many people... not an attractive light

this shot turned out well...
I think I got one without the kids head popping out of the sculpted head
if not... he may get photoshopped out of there

great golden light
making the metal seem something more like bronze than aluminum
making the day feel more like autumn than winter

some irony...
having grant home sick today is what allowed me to take him and dean to hains point to see the awakening before it gets removed from this spot
grant being sick made it such that grant did not really want to be there
if was cold... he was sick... he did not care about the scupture
he wanted to go home
our visit was short
we went home

dean surveying the climbing potential of the arm

it is true
I am corny with the camera

lens flare has always been a favorite of mine
I also like the obvious

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