hains point tonight after work...

almost left out of work a few minutes early
but things kept falling into the INBOX
can not leave until the INBOX is empty or accounted for

even without getting out early I got out with some ambition
no ambition to ride
some ambition to take a ride out to Hains Point to say goodbye the the old man at the AWAKENING

Hains Point is a bit of a bicycle mecca in this town
not my mecca... but a place I like to visit

these shots were taken after work
the real riding happens at lunch time
this place has a real lunch time bicycle culture
tuesday will be the last time that the lunchtime loopers can pass THE AWAKENING

a documentary of the lunchtime bicycle culture of hains point is losing a beauty shot

met this man at THE AWAKENING
he was out with his camera saying goodbye

as it turns out he worked on the project for the man who purchased this piece of art
we agreed that it is good that the piece is staying local and staying public
he had 25 years of memories with THE AWAKENING

the city is a living organism always morphing

I am curious about what will happen with this plot of land
I am curious about what is going to happen with this massive riverside development

The Awakening is being removed from Hains Point this coming Wednesday
it is more than likely I will try to swing past there one more or two more times before its removal
symbolic of life
appreciate it while it is here

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