i am sorry... we are sorry

I am sorry...
we are sorry...

right now I fear that this country's relationship with the world is at an all time low
perhaps deservedly so

quite simply I would like to see a rally where people from the United States get a chance to say... WE ARE SORRY
the rally could happen at the same time all over the country
people could gather at the set rally locations
or they could step out of their office/house/or car and join in
then... at this set time people could recite an apology
a simple apology
maybe an apology as simple as WE ARE SORRY would do

the chant may not be loud enough to be heard around the world
but... perhaps the message would get heard just the same

We Are Sorry...

a video campaign of common men/regular people saying quite simply We Are Sorry
when talking about this last night at an art exhibit at a group house in the neighborhood I was told there is such a project with a video of apologise
but I was unable to find it with a simple google

and of course... words are nothing without action
the apology would be not be all that must happen
we also would need to change

this of course reminds me of the Yes We Can Song/Speech


crs said...

Well put!!! He is speaking at my school today...we are not allowed in!!

Crumbs said...

love the "We are sorry" idea...think it might become a small permanent box on the blog (the only potentially international voice i might have).

Stephen said...

You Tube it!!! we are sorry would make a great sub category....

KMAX said...

That speech/song are amazing; got some shivers down my back at that one.

The post is brilliant as well. I wish we could really somehow convey this message to people across the world. It could be a first tiny step to repairing the relations that the past 8 years have worked so hard to destroy...