it is my blog... I can post what I want

it is my blog... I can post what I want

I try not to make promises
it is sometimes hard to keep promises
I never promised anything

here is a shot of my boys
dean is about to slide down for the one hundredth time
grant better get out of the way

this shot gives an idea of the pleasure that was THE AWAKENING at Hains Point

if this sculpture were inside at a museum roped off with discrete signs that read DO NOT TOUCH
than this would be a very different sculpture

what makes The Awakening great is the open-ness for touch
it is a very interactive piece
the interactiveness enhances the curiosity of the moment that is frozen in time
and the happen stance of the design that is just the right angle
difficult to climb yet far from impossible
is there any chance that the artist every envisioned a shin as a slide?
I think not

the new location at the Washington Inner Harbor will keep the spirit of The Awakening alive
sure I would prefer things to stay as they are
but change happens

change is not always good
change is not always bad
but there will always be change

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