a song about getting racked

the smiths: a song about getting racked while falling off a bicycle

the other day I went to the zoo
the same day where I took those photos of my younger son grant climbing on the letters Z-O-O
on this day I met a good number of the parents of the children in grant's class
lisa handles most of the drop offs on her way to work
and when I handle drop off
there tends not to be too much cross parent communication
everyone is trying to have a smooth transition from their child while getting out the door so they can get to work on time

so this trip to the national zoo introduced me to a number of parents I had never met before

at one point later in the party
after the cupcakes and goodie bags I turned to the parent of one of the children and said
you look like a guy who listens to the smiths on vinyl
guess what... he was listening to the smiths on the drive to the zoo
not on vinyl... but who has a record player in their car
not many people still play records
I have never known anyone to have a record player in their car


gwadzilla said...

a fantastic list of manchester bands


fridrix said...

That is a decent list. I thought EMF ("Unbelieveable" in the 1990s) was from Manchester too.

I saw a Netflix DVD on all the bands that came out of Sheffield at the very same time... ABC, Human League, Heaven 17, Def Leppard. . . pretty incredible.