stole this from DCist

DJ NIGHT: Ian Svenonius is launching a new regular dance night at Bourbon in Adams Morgan tonight. Every third Thursday the prolific lead singer, internet TV host and now author will host "Bohemian Grove", a DJ set that will undoubtedly be as eclectic as the career of "DJ Name Names". 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., with $3 Brooklyn, Bell's and select Bourbon.

not this thursday
but one thursday in the near future I will have to check this out
sent to me by steve of thefishbowlblog


fridrix said...

Do you like Thievery Corporation? I do... are they still hip?

gwadzilla said...

TC is Super Hip
TC is Super Cool
so super...
that they should wear caps on stage
but they are too cool for that

I am a big fan of Thievery Corp
also a big fan of the music that they produce
I will buy most anything that they produce as they produce full albums of music

although Lebanese Blond had hit status on The Garden State Soundtrack it was a song of a fantastic album

I am not so into the scene/crowd at The 18th Street Lounge
but I have had some great times there
some fantastic great times

See-I on Wednesday night is almost a guaranteed good time

here is a shot I caught of Eric Hilton of TC
he passed in front of the camera on his bike
I then chased him down like he was the sixth Beatle


Thievery is in Australia on tour right now
they have an international appeal
they are one of the things that makes people proud of DC's international flavor

Icon O. Classt said...

Damn, well, you know I'll be getting my ass there on those Thursdays! Thanks for the tip!

gwadzilla said...

tell me what it is all about...