this just landed in my Inbox

this just landed in my INBOX
sent to me from Gibby in California
funny shot...
went to a 40th Birthday Party for Rob all the way to the left
John in the center... he was there as well

what a bunch of goofs!
some things never change


gwadzilla said...

arm in a sling from a dislocated shoulder

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Mike said...

joel i'm sure you've seen this maybe even put it on your site before, if not check it out. hope all is good. mike

gwadzilla said...

thanks mike

funny thing...

I saw that
I posted it
then Straight Edge Jeff asked me to hold off on the release of that information
which had me pull it
till he emailed me this morning

gwadzilla said...

funny that no one comments on the young skinny gwadz-ling in the polka dot hat

I guess everyone was young once

even Harry from Harry and the Hendersons