Wakefield with the family...

went to Wakefield with the family
went to Wakefield with my boys and met my brother and his family
my family was lacking momma lisa
lisa went to yoga... we still have not replaced her stolen bicycle

went to Wakefield for the inaugural mountain bike ride with the boys

we had yet to try the trail-a-bike off road

the flat Creek Trail was perfect for the absolute beginners

there was a little mishap at the start
no... it was not my showing up a few minutes behind schedule
this time marc showed up without the seatpost clamp that the trail-a-bike links to the adult seatpost

so we were forced to share turns on karate monkey single with the trail-a-bike

while the other parent rode my brother's cross bike with a child riding old school on the seat clinging to the adult rider's waist

the boys loved it
dean and eric were grooving the hard packed trails on their bmx style kid's bikes
while grant and conrad were enjoying both the trail-a-bike and riding double options

time well spent
planting the seed
starting them early

kid's that rip

Wakefield Regional Park

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