waving goodbye...

waving goodbye
article in the washington post

soon it will appear that the old man either climbed out
or finally gave up the fight and got sucked back into the earth

hains point... the awakening... the subtle differences of the ever changing city scape
this location will never be the same without the old man of the Awakening

the sculpture itself is beautiful
it evokes thought the way art should
but it also interacts with the people and the landscape
the ability to touch and climb the sculpture worked with the personality of the piece
worn marks from years and years of children young and old trying to scale each section
beautiful... nothing short of beautiful

I look forward to visiting THE AWAKENING at its new location after he is moved to his new home just over the Maryland Border
yes... I will miss The Awakening at Hains Point


fridrix said...

not waving but drowning

gwadzilla said...


the sculpture is called THE AWAKENING
so the man is crawling out of the earth

but I was trying to be clever

since the sculpture has been sold and well be moved next week

say your goodbyes to THE AWAKENING AT HAINES POINT before Wednesday of next week

the point will never be the same

Rocky6 said...

Sculpture to be moved here: