you forfeit your privacy when you choose to live in public

you forfeit your privacy when you choose to live in public
as I came in closer to get the second shot I heard a shout and a grunt from one of the men occupying this area

then the two men ducked out of site as I took my photos
I snapped my shots then got on with my day
this is a beautiful monument to who knows what it is tough to approach as someone has laid claim on this space being their own
I would have like to walked closer but did not feel comfortable

I have been run out of National Parks for trying to camp out of season

yet people take up camp where ever they choose in the city

this at the expense of those around them
if I do not feel comfortable approaching this monument/memorial/statue
I would figure that the average tourist/passerby would feel no greater sense of comfort
my point?
I am not so sympathetic to people living in the urban parks
okay... I said it

squater's rights?


Icon O. Classt said...

Your occasional inconvenient eyesore is someone else's everyday misery. Not everyone chooses to be homeless.

When you begin valuing an inanimate object over a living human being, well, what does that make you?

gwadzilla said...

what does that make me?

fridrix said...

Gwadz, you should try South Beach, Miami; it is crawling with vagabonds doing their laundry in the beach showers and stuff. Makes me leery.

gwadzilla said...

there is a man who lives in the woods down the block from my house

I have offered him assistance in various ways
he has turned down my clothing
he has turned down my food
but he did not turn down my assistance when a few rowdy teens (maybe early 20's) were toying with him for their amusement

he is clearly not all there this man who lives in the woods

some call him "screaming man"
others call him "mumbles" or "peg leg (because of his crutch)"

I know some of his story and I try to be sympathetic

I just fear that he could be dangerous to someone at some point

we are all capable of aggression/violence

it irks me to play with the fantasy of a worst case scenario in my head

there are people living all over the city in the woods

with the things that happen to female joggers

I hate to think that harm could come to my wife or my children because someone chose to be sympathetic rather than realistic

Jeff said...

Gotta agree with Steve on this one. While this person's choice of encampments could be a bit more discreet, it may not be their choice to be on the street.

Being cautious is one thing, but always assuming the worst of people is another.If thats how we're all going to act we might as well all move to VA and carry guns. If the guy in the woods near your home has never shown any previous hints of aggression its unfair to assume that he is capable of it. If anything, he would likely prefer no one knew he was there. Attacking someone would draw unwanted attention to himself.

In my short time in Miami it struck me how polarized of a city it was. There was the excess of wealth and class next to the poorest of the poor. It reminded me of many Latin American capital cities. Some of the homeless there have actually organized their own shanty town areas complete with "borrowed" electricity and community gardens, showing their situation is obviously not by choice.

gwadzilla said...

today at lunch as I scanned the urban horizon for people and their bikes I saw a man down the block across the street
he appeared to be waving in my direction
confused I did not wave back
then my mind ran through an algorithm
it occurred to me who he was
a few weeks back had given this man a few sweaters and shirts that I no longer needed
I looked to my side
I was standing by his perch

I am not without compassion
I am not without assistance

but I think that there has to be a better solution

our system fails people in so many ways

Icon O. Classt said...

Our system fails people because it is peopled with people who value objects--for example, money--over people! Pure and simple.

Stop the fucking insanity already.

Icon O. Classt said...

"...move to VA and carry guns."

Had to laugh...that was a good snipe!