alec... that is not your moto guzzi

after brunch at the diner with eric and others from waba I ran into alec parking this bike in front of asylum
the bike did not look familiar
yet I knew the form on the unfamiliar machine
it was alec mackaye
his riding style was familiar even though he was on a friend's bike rather than his classic moto guzzi

had seen alec roll up to this spot before and had not had a camera or had not had time for the shot
so I was pleased that when I paused to say hello that I had a camera and that alec did not mine me taking the shot

alec mackaye on the wiki page
the faith on dischord records
we have all got to slow down... slow down

when I was a teenager "the diner" meant the tastee diner
you know the menu on The Legless Bull EP... yea... that tastee diner
governement issue got no mention in the film American Hardcore

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GhostRider said...

Government Issue NEVER gets the kind of mention they deserve...they were an integral part of the D.C. punk scene, but only locals seem to remember them.

GI did the very best cover of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots" ever recorded. They should credit for that, if nothing else!