another cyclist with an accent

another cyclist with an accent

why is it when I encounter a person hiking in the woods they are European?
why is it that so many bicycle commuters in washington dc are European?

why is it that people from The States suck?

think about it

when I think of the standard American I think of fat blobs behind the wheel of an SUV
(when I say American I mean the United States... not North or South America... although they are all Americans)

European stereotypes would be a thin fashionable man or woman moving about on a bicycle
they may be smoking a cigarette... but they are still moderately healthy
while the stereotypical american is a fat blob in a sports shirt with their foot on the gas and one gripping a steak and cheese while the other hand is texting a friend

I love steak and cheese sandwiches
I hate our modern culture
American Idol? not my American Idols



dcdouglas said...

Not all DC riders are European. I happen to be one of those thin fashionable men (who still has the rare cigarette) and is more than moderately healthy.

I'm also an American from a Southern State (NC). I also love steak and cheese sandwiches (not on the bike, of course), but I eat them in moderation.

Not everyone is a stereotype. Try not to be the stereotypical European.

gwadzilla said...

I am midwest born and east coast bred
with a displaced heart in the rockies

and of course not all commuters in the city are european
nor are the hikers I meet when walking my dog are european

for such a small percentage of the indigenous population europeans make up a disproportionate percentage of the active population

stereotypes and blanket statements tend to over glaze the situation

I most definitely am not a stereotype

well... maybe a little bit of this stereotype


don't sell out the steak and cheese on the bike
I love the wind in my hairs and a steak and cheese in my hands
great combo!

did you take the test?


Fritz said...

You just notice them more 'cause they stand out. I know more than a few Europeans (including those oh so superior Danes and Dutch) here in the States who drive the biggest SUVs to their McMansion in the exurbs.