the boys on their way to buy something from china made out of plastic

the boys rode their bikes to target the other day
we needed to buy something from china made out of plastic
target had what we were looking for
grant got a watch too
only his watch did not have numbers and hands
the two watches together were less than twenty bucks
and we got carry out food and had a picnic in the park by sacred heart church

there was a great sunny warm break in the middle of a rainy day that ended very cold
no place to lock the bikes at Target
no bike race on the sidewalk in front of Target
hated standing on the fresh mulch and fresh plants

bike racks and more impressive plants please

at the park the sidewalk vendor peed on a tree
it was less than discreet

the boys loving the strong wind
even I love that feeling of standing in a warm strong wind
unless of course
I am trying to ride into it
sunday's ride had more than its fair share of headwinds and climbs

it makes me proud to see grant's love for the puddle
luckily he has fenders
dean's bike does not have fenders
on this day he avoided the puddles

mountain or road?

the love for the puddle is clearly more of a mountain biker trait than a road biker trait
that does not mean that he does not love to climb
grant must get that from his mother

destination dublin alleycat spoke card in the front wheel of both bikes
looks like the WABA spoke card fell out of front wheel of dean's bike


Rocky6 said...

Looks like Dean has already mastered the track stand. Well done!

Anna said...

I love the puddle reflection!

gwadzilla said...

rocky6... dean was flattered when I shared your comment with him
but he admitted that he can not do it for that long

long a... yes, the puddle reflection is cool
it was reflection or splash
luckily he went through several times
so i caught the reflection as well as the splash