the community needs to come together on this one

the community needs to come together on this one

the Mount Pleasant Fires have displaced many people from their homes

imagine this...
losing your home and all that was within it
your favorite sweater
your baby pictures
a book that you had not finished
your computer... your ipod... your everyday stuff
your stuff
whatever it is... it is your stuff

imagine this...
not having your home
no longer having a space that you call your own
no bedroom with your sheets and your blankets and your photos on the wall
your bathroom with your toothbrush
your jewelry
your memories

lives have been changed

the community really needs to come together for this one

children's clothes and children's toys
clothing for work
clothing for play
blankets and jackets
all of these things are gone
all of these things are needed
everyday things need to be replaced
everyday stuff
basic stuff

lisa and I are starting to get some stuff together
this is not just a group of people in need of help this weekend
it will take time for these people to rebuild their lives
we can help

feel free to comment about places to make donations
and what else can be done

if we all do a little it will help a lot

Neighbor's Consejo
3118 16th Street, NW
Contact: Evar Sandoval at 202 234 6855
(maybe call before dropping stuff off)

washington post article
mjb's flickr page with the apartment building fire images
brandon wu's flickr page with mount pleasant fire images


Dharma said...


I saw the pictures, how devastating. I try to purge the closest every spring - so this is a great incentive to do that now and bring over clothing that hopefully someone can use. I'll make a trip to the pharmacy and get some of the everyday stuff too.

Thanks for making everyone aware of this. I think any sort of volunteering or charity is best when done in your own backyard.

gwadzilla said...

has anyone found any more information on the right place for donations

gwadzilla said...

a note from the Mayor's office about donations


and this

Please note that the Columbia Heights Community Center Donation Center located at 1480 Girard Street will NOT be accepting donations as of 7:00 PM today, Friday March 14.

The new location for Mount Pleasant fire donations is:
DC General Hospital Warehouse
1900 Massachusetts Avenue, SE
Building 6

Unknown said...

I learned that Don Juan's was accepting stuff, so I talked to my 5yo daughter about donating; she filled *3 TRASH BAGS FULL* with her stuffed animals. (So proud!) I also brought another bag of baby clothes & baby blankets.

They took my donation at the carry out door, not the main restaurant. Good people. Horrific for the residents.