more Taxation Without Representation Socks were given away at The National Bike Summit

maurice of dirt rag got some socks...
he gave them to his brother
so I gave him another pair the next day

good old boys need socks too!
chris scott of shenandoah mountain touring
and... dave? matt? some dude from Davis West Virginia whose name is slipping me
good dude... he deserved the socks!
and he deserves for me to remember his name

my bald bearded brother from QBP
QBP home of Surly
I dig my Karate Monkey!

Larry Black of College Park Bikes got some socks

the dude from Bicycle Colorado was also deserving some socks
yet his name has vanished from my memory
beer and networking... a bitter sweet combination


Jeff said...

Bottom photo is actually of Scott Bricker of Bike Pittsburgh. Definitely deserving of some socks. I was there though Gwadz, was I not deserving?????

gwadzilla said...

thanks jeff...

long night of first time meetings
lots of people to keep track of

I intentionally tried to focus on people from out of town
and important people
but I think I still have a pair of socks for you

how do you want me to get these to you?


gwadzilla said...

sorry scott...
it all comes back to me now

and the photos of you wearing the socks
they blurred out
such is shooting in a bar on a borrowed camera

my camera (which was not worth a darn indoors) died last weekend