not the shot that I thought was in the camera

not the shot that I thought was in the camera
snapped these shots last night as I paused to soak in the devastation caused by the fire in Mount Pleasant earlier this week

on the crowded sidewalk I noticed that very familiar form
Ian MacKaye
Ian would fall under one of those, "if you have to ask"sort of situations
Ian is easy to recognize as as he has looked pretty much the same for the last 25 years
sure he had long hair for a short stint during the days of Embrace
but those curly locks were cut as soon as they were long
then it was back to basics

until now I had never seen Ian on a bike
so this is the first time I have seen the pant legged rolled up

I have seen Minor Threat, Embrace, and Fugazi
Egg Hunt never played a live show
there were countless functions that I have attended where Ian was in attendance
protests, parties, and live music performances
but until this moment I had never met this man who is part of American folk music history

Ian was polite and accepting of my desire to snap a shot of him
too bad the unfamiliar camera and the unskilled photographer missed the shot

I hate being that guy that goes up to people and interrupts their privacy
which only adds to the awkwardness of the approach

interesting in a week I captured a shot of Ian and his brother Alec
only alec was on a motorized bike

gwadzilla + ian gets you this
gwadzilla + minor threat will get you that


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Wild!...I faired a little better.

What might be more rare to encounter nowadays than Ian is that set of Avocet Cross tires he's running on his ride. Those things kick ass!

Anna said...

It was a strange moment. I think the photo fits the moment.

gwadzilla said...

I O'C-
your Fort Reno shot was better
but that one is good

Ian and Alec...
both within a week's time


these are the things that make my blog a DC blog as well as a DC bicycling blog

I feel sorry for these guys getting bum rushed every time they grab the morning paper
so some putz with a camera and snap a shot and put it on their blog

sorry guys


Urban Jeff said...

I think I saw a moonwalking bear in the background.