rocking down 18th Street the wrong way...

rocking down 18th Street the wrong way...
yes, that is The 18th Street Lounge in the background
home of Thievery Corp

there is too much good stuff to try and point you in one direction or another
start at HiFi then listen and watch from there


Phil said...

You Should take pictures of the bike commuters on 14th street, there are always many!


gwadzilla said...

part of the photo thing is that it happens in the course of my day

while I am going to work
while I am stepping out for lunch

occasionally I drift over to 14th Street
but it is not really the most direct route for me

Frederick Ingram said...

Tell me more
About Thievery Corps

gwadzilla said...

let the Wiki Page
or Rolling Stone tell you more about Thievery Corp

or just click on the link and give it a listen

I do not know them
I just happen to really enjoy their music and the music that they produce

here is a shot of Eric Hilton


that was just a chance meeting
he like others passed in front of me and my camera