same stuff different day...

same stuff different day...

got home from work
put away the bike and changed out of my biking gear
asked the boys if they wanted to hike the dog with me

grant was stoked while dean was hesitant
lisa offered to take dean to the grocery store while grant and I hiked the dog
grant asked to hike the melvin hazen trail to which he expanded by saying that the melvin hazen reminds him of colorado
I love colorado too...I could not argue with that logic

it was a warm dry day with the sun setting fast
the hike involved climbing, running, hiking, jumping.... tossing rocks in the creek and multiple attempts at crossing this section of creek
there was only one incident of slippage that caused a wet sneaker

the walk to and from the trail involves the crossing of a few streets
we always cross with caution
dog on a short leash with the boy or boys holding my hand or hands

on the way out on this day we got to a three way stop where we needed to cross the street
our timing was perfect
one car passed, the next car could have yielded to us, but with our turn next I felt a guarantee of safe passage as the vehicle was a park ranger (or maybe park police)
to my shock and disgust the police officer did not make a complete stop as he edged to the stop sign and the stop line
nor did the officer look enough to see that we were there ready to set off the curb
the car accelerated on ahead without taking notice
without granting us our right of way

this is no great issue
but this falls right into line with the above the law post
this sort of stuff is everyday

all over washington dc there are police double parked as they do there personal business on company time
my feeling
to control the chaos the police should police themselves
we should all do a little policing of ourselves

if was all policed ourselves
there would be less need for police

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