fixed gear freaks

it kills me to see these guys tweaking the sport of mountain bike by riding fixed gears

it boggles my mind
I just don't get it

not so much why... but how... but why is an interesting question
but so is how


not for fashion
but for personal fulfillment (fun?)
while performing rather than acting as performance art

hugh jass was rocking as performance art performers
but these guys are not thinking performance art
actually... I do not know what they are thinking

I think I want to get inside the mind of the fixed gear freaks

a documentary is in there
a tomi cog production?

the players could produce it
all these guys have various talents and more than basic common sense

I would love to sit back and drink a six pack and watch this all unfold
cause I do not forsee myself ever riding a fixed gear off road
while these guys are riding the most technical stuff off road
many of them mixing it up by racing their custom fixed geared mountain bike with serious results

I have not followed tomi's results on his fixed gear
but I know that he was roughly nine thirty at the 2007 Shenandoah Mountain 100
that blows my mind
that finishing time is stellar
to make that happen on a fixed gear?

the technical sections? the long glorious climbs (fuck you chris scott! I fucking hate climbing!) at speed? then knocking out the long road sections with one gear... that one gear that is small enough for the climbs? fricken crazy... excuse my language but it is fricken crazy

the transition is not for everybody
that evolution which is so freakish that it is nearly a mutation comes through logical progressions

the fixed gear mountain bikers tend to be talented riders.... rides that started like most every ride with a geared bike.... most of these people at one point moved to the single speed.... their handling on the bike is already strong and comfortable... up and over with eash on the bike with a freewheel or free hub.... the fixed gear may have snuch itself into the picture as a fun bike for tooling around town or as a road training machine.... then the move to the fixed gear

so if a person is not comfortable at Michaux or the Water Shed on a standard bike than moving to a fixed gear would be illogical

I think the whole thing is illogical
I am curious to watch this documentary
when does this thing come out?

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fridrix said...

dey probly just stand up on da climbs