I did not make it to bike polo...

I did not make it to bike polo...

it was my intention to spectate
wanted to see what it was all about
thought it would be a fun thing to share with my boys
thought I could bring my camera and take some photos

but instead
I was out at Schaeffer Farms for the City Bikes Bike Demo
then I took the boys to Layfayette School so they could ride their bikes
the small oval track was perfect for young Grant to work on his skills
slight curves will build up to sharp turns


I am sure that it was a party with a serious after party
my day went along well enough
although I missed it
I do not feel as if I missed anything


james said...

i think im ditching my mountain bike as a mountain bike and making it a dedicated polo bike. watching dudes yesterday was seriously inspiring.

gwadzilla said...

good plan

in the urban enviroment you may well be able to play bike polo more regularly than riding a mountain bike in the woods

that thursday night thing sounds like a cool scene