it is only tuesday... I can still dwell on the events of the weekend

it is only tuesday
I can still dwell on the events of the weekend past
greenbrier still on the brain

the rain yesterday gave me the perfect excuse not to ride
the responsibilities of being a parent took the time that I would have used had I been lured towards exercise
the time with the kids was such that lisa handled the dog
so monday passed with not much of a ride
just the standard commute on the cross bike
with nothing more than the morning walk at work and the walking that one would do at work

today there was no time for a pre-work ride
then in the afternoon there was no time for a post-work ride
well... out just a few minutes early and then home a few minutes late gave me forty five maybe fifty minutes on the bike
luckily dean's soccer does not start until 6:15 not Six PM

ran into chris miriam at the kid's soccer practice
one of his four boys was at practice being coached by two of the players for DC United
how do you arrange that?
chris and I talked
chris had seen my results
chris teased me and flattered me at the same time about my first place finish

the topic got off me and to the weather or the weekend
how he and his wife libbey had ridden up there on friday... friday just before saturday.... saturday when it rained

we caught up quickly as grant and I were passing the soccer ball as dean practice
when grant switched to climbing trees
we chatted some more
but I got called away again
kids can be demanding

after soccer practice dean and I kicked the ball while grant climbed some more trees
then dean had to climb some trees

enough time had passed and I argued hard... hard and loud that it was time to leave
it was also time for dinner
dean wanted to go out
without my cell phone on my I could not check with lisa for her thoughts on the evening
we got home and called lisa
with no real plan I asked that she grab some pizza
she was on her way back and it would work out fine

I called Vace and ordered one large Pepperoni and one large extra cheese
thinking that as a dad this little act of ordering extra pizza not only feeds everyone tonight
but this extra pizza can be packed in the kid's lunches tomorrow

Vace may be the best pizza in Washington
their being light on the cheese is what makes their pizza great
but sadly... extra cheese makes their great pizza better

today while downtown I was chatting with fellow DCMTBer Kent Baake when Cargo Mike rolled up with his cargo rig
the topic of Lodi Farms came up
something that Kent and I had already discussed
but we discussed it some more
there was excitement in the air
lots of talk about camp sites and amenities
Kent is bringing a solar charging system
a system he had set up all day at Baker's Dozen
in this discussion with Kent and Cargo Mike there was also some talk about Greenbrier
I mentioned fatigue and Cargo Mike recommended rest
good advice... it is better to be well rested for the test rather than trying to cram
cramming now could just bog me up and blow up my brain
how much more can I really learn
just go with what I know
sharpen my pencil and make sure I have a pink eraser

okay... that is supposed to be a metaphor
but I think it came out like oranges and bananas

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