more trails... we need more trails

it is fantastic when I hear the guys at IMBA or MORE talk about trails

but it also cool when I see trail development on the business level
I am not sure where Steven's Pass is... but I am sure that the people there are stoked and there will the next generation of rippers being groomed there
and that north shore whistler thing?
well.. I am no where near being in a position to approach that stuff
but I think it is fantastic that it is being developed

mountain biking is a sport
just as there are courts for basketball and fields for soccer
there should be trails and facilities for mountain biking
people should have a place to do this sort of thing in washington dc
a pump course and some groomed trails with some man made at fort dupont would be sweet

downloading the teaser for SEASONS by the collective
watched it
it is sick
I want to see this film
I may need to buy it for the plane ride to california


Mike said...

steven pass is in washington state a must do backcountry ski/board experience. legendary snowfalls. along w/ mt baker, two ridiculous spots that get little or no love on the national big mountain scene. later. mike

Icon O. Classt said...

There should not only be more trails, but more riders who show up to maintain them on trail work days.

Give back the dirty love, baby!

GetOOTO said...

The trailer looks awesome for SEASONS. Hope they make an east coast tour or get the DVD out early...