Murphy's Law?

forgot to mention...

was zipping into work
had the pleasure of the stairs in Malcolm X Park
then cruised down 14th Street
the camera was around my neck
but my timing was a tad latter than peak traffic for bicycle commuter photos

as I approached Thomas Circle I felt the tire in the rear make a quick transition from normal, to squishy, to fricken flat
as I walked I tried to snap a few photos... the batter level went from full to empty
there was enough juice to snap a few shots
but it frustrates me that the meter would behave that way
I guess I need to re-charge this camera every night

not sure if I had a tube
but was confident that I had removed the 15mm wrench for shipping with the bike headed to California
will have to grab a wrench during lunch
a wrench and a patch kit
29er tubes are expensive!

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