rainy sunday morning...

rainy sunday morning...

it is a rainy sunday morning
my bags are packed
my bike is ready

rather than splattering mud on my red and black DCMTB-City Bikes kit
I am here
sipping coffee
listening to Black Flag
and blogging... yes I am blogging
I just changed my iTunes to Shuffle
the Henry Rollins induced tension releases as Paul Weller leads The Jam through the poetic chorus of
That's Entertainment

woke in the am
scratched my bum... yawned and stretched

took a look out the window as I peed with great male accuracy into the toilet

I can not recall if I lifted the seat or not
wet and rainy
with a shrug of the shoulders I was back in bed
as it was too wet to ride at Schaeffer Farms or Rosaryville
and too late to join up with my brother and others at Gambril State Park

april showers good for the plants not so good for the mountain biker

sure I could have gone for a ride on the road
but I climbed back into bed
took lisa's space as she was already up reading the paper
while my space was crowded by a ten year old dog and a four year old boy

the Post had mention of many things
including Madonna gracing the cover of Vanity Fair
for a 10th time
the calvin klien ads of the 80's look suspiciously like the guess jeans of the 80's
it was in the mid to late 80's that I met brooke shields riding the goldmine loop out at great falls on the maryland side
she was not wearing any make up, her hair was not big, she wore simple black cycling tights, a bell V-1 pro helmet, and a guess jeans t-shirt
somehow still hot in the Bell V-1 Pro... perhaps the only person in history to look hot in a Bell V-1 Pro

we ran into each other again fueling up at the High's Store which is now a 7-11 at Glen Echo
I flirted with her until her boyfriend stole her away

I wonder of Brooke tells the story about meeting me as I tell the story about meeting her
it is really not such a big deal
nothing more than flowers at the shrine I built for her where our fireplace and mantle in our living room once were
figure she deserves that much

the Water Shed...
need to get out there on my bike
it drains better than so many other networks of trails in the area
need to just get out on the bike

wind for windsurfers/kite flyers
snow for skiers/snowboarder
fast and dry for mountain biking/hiking-trail running
rain is for white water kayakers
we are all watching the weather channel

Madonna in Vanity Fair

just spoke to my brother's wife
marc did not go to gambril
so I feel like less of a pussy about my decision
they are headed this way... I better start focusing on our noon time brunch


the original big ring said...

You're killing me!


Icon O. Classt said...

My, my, my, what wonders Photoshop can do...ain't it grand?

Instead of getting mud on your purdy jersey, you could have come out with the rest of us and done a little trail maintenance in Frederick. It's good for what ails you, ya know...

You doing Lodi?

gwadzilla said...

yes... sometimes I can not help but share the thoughts that are passing through my head

nice imagess
had to share
a gambril trail day would have been good for the soul
but the day was plenty busy with a noon bruch hosted at our house
eight adults and four children
so... there was plenty to occupy me after I was freed up by not riding

the boys did well for not leaving the block all day
not sure if they did more than run down a few houses to knock on a friend's door

there may have been two movies
on in the ultra early morning and one in the late afternoon
indiana jones, raiders of the lost arc
they were scared/creeped out by the opening of the ten commandments

lisa watched the boys while I hiked the dog
took the roosevelt trail out to the back of carter barron

there were a few others out walking their dog
but for the most part I was alone with my dog
alone with my thoughts

gwadzilla said...

lodi yes
most definitely yes

and you?