some shots and some thoughts

some shots and some thoughts...

the other night I rode home from the DCMTB team meeting with anna kelso
we chatted about this and that
our conversation changed with each city block
each idea erasing the previous thought

as we passed the NEW AND IMPROVED corner at 14th and Park in Columbia Heights
anna (aka long a) commented on the presence of the collection of box stores
anna was torn
torn between the value but feeling a tad guilty as well as fearing the failure of the stores which would leave some large unoccupied space
torn by the notion that this big business may squash small business

I see her point...
while Ruby Tuesday will never get my business...
Target most certainly will
and Bed Bath and Beyond... well... until going in there I thought it would not service me
but instead I want a Bed Bath and Beyond Credit Card!
already got a scale there.... also got a mirror for in the shower
saw the bullet there... may go up there to get some picture frames
yes.. BEYOND
I believe

I do not fear that these stores will fail
the city needs some of these stores
some stores will thrive... others will perish

that is the reality of business

the city needed a Target-like store
so many residents are forced to go to the suburbs to do their shopping

there just needed to be a store to fill the void between the CVS drug store and the Whole Foods Market/Giant Food Store
socks... underwear... a timex watch.... school supplies...
do I need to continue this list?
there is stuff that needs to be available to the residents of the city without forcing them to cross a bridge into Virginia

I love the MSRP
I love getting it for less

SD Cards? Compact Flash Cards?
not sure about Target... but Walmart sells this stuff on the cheap

do I want to support Mom and Pop with some un-needed mark up
at Walmart I got a Gig card for half the price I saw a 512 card at Staples!
come on!?!?!?

so many things that these box stores have to offer...

toys for a kid's party?

I love plastic shit made in china... get me that Nerf Gun two pack!

so many people love Sullivan's Toy Store
not me... give me the box store with its variety and its reasonable pricing
okay... not to attack Sullivan's... maybe I should create a list and do some comparison shopping

but I like the big store for my big body with the big choices

do I feel guilty about shopping at Target?
shit! I shop at Target in the suburbs

having a Target in the city will decrease driving
we can walk to Target from out house... we have walked to Target from out house!

will some shops fold because of this new box store?

maybe a bodega or a dollar store...
but honestly... these stores stocked with off brand toys for less
well... those stores are doing the consumers a dis-service

toys that do not last the afternoon!
most of these stores do not suit my needs
I really only need one store in Mount Pleasant that sells pinatas and phone cards
there is a store stocking the same shit ever three store fronts...

enough on this idea...

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