ah... I still have not reversed all the settings on the old canon

these shots are totally blown out
I jacked up the levels to try and bring some of the image back
I need to get back inside the settings of the camera
still have not reversed everything I tweaked for the night shots at the national cathedral on this camera
this is really dean's camera
he lets me borrow it
I am not ready to break another one of my cameras
so I am not riding around with the new diminutive point and shoot

which means I am not always getting the better picture

the weather has been crap and I am sick of beating up good cameras by riding around with them bouncing around my neck

got some good shots
but missed some shots I was excited about
there is a setting that needs to be reversed that is blowing everything out
good shots gone bad
and other shots barely recovered

after work I rode around town for maybe an hour
covered some ground but did not ride for an hour
was not really doing much more than riding my bike around town
had the camera around my neck
was I looking for photos?
I am always looking for photos

even when I do not have a camera around my neck
slowed and stopped a mess of times
which will make an hour certainly less than an hour on the bike

same some stuff
snapped some pictures
enjoyed the weather

got home and walked the dog
then went for burritos at chipolte
the kids love chipolte
I think I am on chipolte overload
I need a break from chipolte
yet I love it every time

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