could not find the settings in the camera

could not find the settings in the camera that dean was shooting with
not sure if that old digital device has an extended exposure option

I used my panasonic lumix point and shoot
while dean had that old 4 mega pixel canon g2
both of us had tripods
my tripod was a tad more stable
I could not find the extended exposure settings in the camera

dean did pretty well
this was not an even playing field
dean was fine with the camera, the tripod, and the results

that said
six year old dean's shots came out pretty good
I think he wants to print them out and take them for share day
share day is show and tell in the modern day

I am sure that all the folks with their long lenses and their fancy cameras thought it was funny as they passed the man and his boy with their point and shoot devices on tripods
our cameras are only different than camera phones in that they lack the ability for comunication

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